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Elastic Variations

Composed entirely on the Roland R8 drum machine during a mad few months' intense activity during the summer of 1993. The pieces are constructed from a series of unedited patterns that were created from live improvisations. These patterns were then strung together on the fly in a small London studio, with simple effects and field recordings added.

They don't come any weirder than this piece of odd electronica. Something profoundly strange is stirring in the heart of England.
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Elastic Variations are what you hear when God's scalpel delivers the celestial lobotomy. These are the anti-rhythms and non-melodies of discordant machines ; four tracks of endlessly weird experiments with skewered beats that make no sense but somehow split, hiss and throb into textures that please.
nme 16.5.94

Debut release and actually on the record just credited to ‘elastic variations’ itself. Four tracks that spin, hiss and wind their way around the inside of your head. Compulsively intense programming without a jackhammer beat or insistant screeching electronics. Effectively tooled from a single drum machine with extra-programmable parameters (thus tuning of different parts of the ‘kit’ into notes), this is still an assured, complex and fascinating first record.
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Elastic Variations has got the '60s electronic sound down pat, a shimmering curtain of bleep and boostering that is strange and seductive enough to lure you into playing the thing again and again. It may lack techno's bombastic approach in assaulting the senses, but still has the power to stretch some heads.
nme 12.2.94

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ep - released March 1994
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