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If your days are overshadowed by grief at the amount of time it seems to be taking Anthony to finish the new collection, whatever form that may take, maybe you should head on over to www.adderuppa.com, sign up for an account and start contributing to the New Album fund.

Adderuppa is a very simple online time tracker and time management tool, aimed principally at freelancers, but also suitable for small businesses who need to key tabs on how long they spend on jobs. It works out how much you should be charging and lots of other neat things.

The best thing, though, is you get to decide how much you'd like to pay for it. To keep the account live you need to pay a flat minimal fee of £2.50 per month, and then decide how much you'd like to pay on top of that. Maybe you won't pay any more, but I'm willing to gamble that you might.


"A great little application for any freelancers or those who work for clients on an hourly basis."

"Adderuppa is one of those apps you've always wished you had to hand."

"This tool is the best we have found for real time project management."

"Made me think a little more carefully about where my time goes every day!"

"Adderuppa has helped us control all of our clients projects and move the business ever closer to the paperless office. A fantastic application that no design studio should be without!"